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you need your presentation to resonate

i design presentations that captivate. 


Are your slides full of text?

You've got a presentation coming up and it's been a long week at the office.

You've worked tirelessly with the team to create something that you think is REALLY tight and is going to win you the project. I mean, you put some SERIOUS hours into this thing. Your significant other is irritated because they're eating dinner alone all the time. Your cat doesn't recognize you anymore.

But one thing you know for sure—this presentation is going to be freaking great and you're proud as hell. 

When you wake up the next morning and look at the slides again you realize they're a giant block of text.

Is slide after slide is just PACKED with content?

You created really GREAT content. Your ideas are cutting-edge and compelling. But your slides are all words, or more like really long bulleted sentences. And maybe some diagrams filled with words that are 8pt or 9pt text so you can get all your great ideas in there. The presentation reads like a brainstorming session.

How is anyone supposed to get excited about your ideas? How are you going to be able to change their point-of-view?


You've just spent a week creating this thing. Now you have to make it look better? 

You've read all the books and articles out there that tell you that you're not supposed to have more than 10 words per slide. But how are you supposed to do that when you need ALL of the words on there?

How are you supposed to make your world-changing concept easy to understand for your audience while you're talking and not so complex that they're busy trying to figure that out while you're taking to them?

It seems so impossible and overwhelming that you might be tempted to just leave your slides as they are. Everyone knows slides suck, right? They'll get over it.

Wouldn't it be great if your slides just WORKED?

An amazing presentation that captures and captivates your audience is possible. But you won't get it by doing the same thing you've always done—jamming your verbal presentation on the screen. And it won't work using the same outdated slides you've clung to for ages. Sure, they do the job...

But wouldn't it be great if they did an amazing job?

Wouldn't it be great if people came up after your presentation and complimented you on how engrossed they were?

Wouldn't it be great if they said, "I've never seen such beautiful slides—great job!"


Get a free slide audit.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation for your presentation.

We can discuss your biggest challenge, what your goals are, and how to develop your presentation's unique voice that will captivate your audience.

Discover what you can do yourself and what you're going to need a professional for.

More importantly, find out just how much time and sanity you're going to get back in your day.


this is when your slides become great

Professional presentation design can build slides
in a way that opens your audience's eyes.

Your audience needs to understand what you're saying and that's not going to happen when you present wall-to-wall text on a slide behind you. It's human nature to try to figure out the correlation of a presented visual that's going along with a talk and if you give them a wall of text, they'll be reading that INSTEAD of listening to you.

I fix that disruptive pattern by creating new visuals to help your audience see and understand your concept, effortlessly—making your talk that much more compelling because they can give you their full attention while you expertly present your material. 

Working together, we can reduce the word-count on your slides to a place that makes you comfortable. 

Whether you're out pitching your not-for-profit's initiatives or trying to launch a new program for a for-profit company, you need clear slides that communicate what you need your audience to do.

I can do that for you. 


Take some time to kick back and soak up some professional presentation knowledge.

Not ready to commit to hiring a professional quite yet? No problem. Grab some coffee in your favorite mug, take a seat and browse through my blog for free presentation and design advice.

Start creating slides that will make your presentations more professional and turn other presenters green with jealousy.

Ideas, words, and design—by THEMSELVES
have already proven they can change the world.

Add them all together as a presentation and they can have limitless impact for you and your organization—that is the power of presentations, my friend.