Do I really need to hire a professional presentation designer
when I can DYI my own slides?

When you create slides for an important presentation, there’s a lot at stake.

You’re giving a presentation because there’s an end-result you want and need. You need to persuade a person, group, or an entire organization to put their trust in you, invest in you, and move the world with you. 

Think about it for a second. Over the course of your personal buying experience items with bad design don't come to mind, do they? But things with great design, like Apple products, do. You remember them and even become endeared to them because great design is a core part of their brand.

The tiniest detail doesn't go out the doors of Apple without looking amazing. Because they know that GOOD DESIGN is a key part of persuasion, GREAT DESIGN will make customers feel it in their core and make it effortless for to make a decision because great design installs trust—you aren't buying Apple products with pocket change.

I'm no different from you.

I've had these same questions about hiring professionals (except it was with plumbing and electricity) because why spend good money when it seems so simple and I have the same tools? (BTW, turns it's not simple—hire a plumber.)  

Hiring a professional is an investment in your success.

Hiring a professional designer saves you time (which is something we all want) and is more cost effective in the long run with better results and it elevates the enormous stress that comes with creating a great visual for presentations. 

Haven't you had enough stress to last a lifetime? 

Everybody can make a powerpoint presentation, right?

Yes and no.

It's true that a file can be easily created, worked in, even applied some fancy animations and transitions.

But that doesn't mean you created an effective presentation. Having slides isn't the same as having slides THAT WORK. You can proudly work on slides for hours and hours and end up with a presentation that runs completely counter to what you're trying to get across to your audience.

And while it's true that people grasp concepts with visuals 300% better than with concepts without visuals, audiences will struggle to understand visual content when it conflicts with your verbal message in any way. That takes their attention away from you which is exactly what you DON'T want to happen.

I put a stop to the painful, never-ending presentation cycle.


As a matter of fact, my entire job depends on your presentation succeeding so I put all of my efforts into building you the very best presentation for you.


Having a professionally designed presentation will not only help make presenting easier for you but it’ll create that coveted connection with your audience in a way that’s going to matter to them and they’ll remember you for it.

Water-tight presentations get new ventures funded and help socially responsible companies advance their causes.

A well-built presentation help people like you make big changes in the world.