Hi, I’m Cindy Caughey

I founded Projected Design, a boutique slide design studio, that helps small- to medium-sized
companies who do good things, make a bigger impact with their presentation messaging.

Professional presentation design isn't just for the big guys
and I'm here to help you level up.

Cindy Caughey, Owner of Projected Design

Cindy Caughey, Owner of Projected Design


Believe it or not, I didn’t start out
in life being a wiz at PowerPoint.

Which means that I’ve sat EXACTLY where you’re sitting right now and I have a pretty good idea of how you feel when you want to hurl your computer through the air like you’re competing in the Olympic shot put.

No matter what the problem is with your presentation, whether it's functionality or design... it can be figured out.


So... exactly how did I get to rock at PowerPoint?

Well, I’ve always enjoyed bringing sense to chaos and this is documented as far back as me at 2-months old when my mother noted in my baby book that I like to observe and line up items more than create. 

Or, I might be getting that confused with the age of the dawning of my love of horses. Either way, my love of order developed pretty dang early and was documented by the ultimate authority (Mom).

In college, I majored in American Literature with a heavy influence of Greek and Eastern Philosophy before going on to take my first job in a small advertising agency in New Jersey.  

That’s when I began building websites and PowerPoint presentations. I moved on to work in Manhattan and worked with huge companies in finance, pharma, healthcare, jets, pet products, candy, household products, tires, and office equipment, as well as local not-for-profit foundations. 

My work has been in front of Congress and the United Nations as well as smaller audiences or just a few angle investors.  

When it comes to presentations storytelling, logic and graphics are the trifecta of persuasion. It turned out, presentations and I were a natural fit.

Is professional powerpoint presentation designer a real job?

Indeed it is, my friend? A pretty BIG job, too. I've been a presentation design consultant for just over 20 years.

My passion is in helping you feel confident about the what you're presenting you’re giving so you can change the world with your message.

I also launched a customer brand experience company that focuses on a whole-brand experience for small businesses.

How do I know I even need help?

I work on small- to medium-sized projects and I will never try to sell you on something you don't need. For something that’s massive event-sized in scope, I know some great people who can do that for you.

You’d want to hire me if you’re a speaker who has to give a talk at a conference. We would assess your ultimate presentation goal and then work on messaging. The final step is creating visual design your presentation.

I’m a boutique presentation design shop, which means I'm small, and I work best 1-on-1.

For example, say you’re Brené Brown (Hi, Brené!) and you have to give another TED Talk—you’d hire me for consultation and design.

But if you were Chris Anderson who runs TED Talks you wouldn’t call me to take care of ALL of the TED Talks.

You’d hire me for professional presentation services if... 

  • you or your company is in need of a new professional presentation template because you want to make your branding tighter and improve the efficiency of everyone in your organization who uses that powerpoint template. Saving time, stopping productivity time leaks, and alleviating frustration are very popular reasons people seek new templates. 

  • if you have a current powerpoint or presentation template that is giving you problems—sometimes template files weren't built correctly at the start (or at all) which can drive people crazy because of weirdly changing fonts and colors. You may not want a new design but a badly designed template takes a lot of time away from productivity, a money-wasting situation that can totally be avoided by fixing a crazy presentation template. 
  • need a single powerpoint file designed or fixed.

Whatever the reason is that you invest in a professional presentation designer, I promise that the invoice is peanuts compared to what you’re losing right now without even realizing it and what you'll gain from a properly designed presentation that helps your audience understand you.

This all sounds great but you're still curious to know
if we're a good fit to work with each other on projects.

we're a good match if you... 

  • have a go-to file that you use for all of your presentations—but you've been using it for so long it's time for an upgrade to boost your reach.
  • need help with your current or new powerpoint template.
  • have a brand new file and you're creatively stuck. You want to make the best impression and are looking for someone to do more than just make your slides look pretty. 
  • need help making your slide make sense. What should be deleted? What should be a diagram? What is your audience going to remember?
  • have a long-term project that requires professional presentation know-how. 


we're not a match made in heaven if you...

  • are a recruiter looking to fill an exciting opportunity that tends to be high turnover and comes with excessive burnout.
  • are a first time client who needs a project turned around in 48 hours or less and are desperate for overnight help.
  • make assumptions about availability and deadlines without communicating your needs. 
Beth Dunn, Editor in Chief of Hubspot

Beth dunn—hubspot, editor-in-chief

"I would not hesitate to recommend Cindy for any presentation work, and would especially recommend her for those which require creativity, compelling and attractive design, and the thoughtful presentation of data in a marketing-savvy light."

sarah amitay—medullan, vice president, marketing

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cindy. Her work has won us business AND made our lives easier. We can't wait to work with her again!"
Sarah Amitay, Medullan, VP of Marketing

Cara Harrington, Medullan, Program Manager–Marketing & Sales

cara harrington—medullan, program manager, marketing & sales

"Thanks to Cindy, we can work on things OTHER THAN PowerPoint files again!"

bob smithers—mosswarner, president 

"When it comes to PowerPoint, Cindy's no joke. Fortunately, when it comes to everything else, she's a barrel of laughs!" 
Bob Smithers, MossWarner—President

Melissa Cord, Owner, Inventive Marketing & Communications

melissa cord—inventive, owner

"Cindy makes the impossible, possible. The return we've gotten on her presentation skills has been well worth our investment."